Unreal Issue Tracker

A desktop app designed to interact with https://issues.unrealengine.com/

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Unreal Issue Tracker

Unreal Issue Tracker is a desktop app developed by Satheesh (ryanjon2040) for Unreal Community. This app reads the rss feeds from Unreal Engine Issues website and has the following features.

  • Up-to-date information about latest bugs and fixes.
  • Subscribe to specific issues.
  • Keeps a history of viewed issues.
  • and more…


Main Interface

Get up-to-date information from the Unreal Engine Issues website. Expand an issue to read the description and you can click the link to go to that issue page.

Issue Details

Clicking on the SHOW DETAILS button will show current status of that issue with steps to reproduce and a link to AnswerHub or UDN (if available). From here, you can select MORE INFORMATION to see which component it affects and for what Engine versions. You can also click SUBSCRIBE to follow this event.


Unreal Issue Tracker will keep a history of all the issues you have visited.

I hope you like this small app :).

Open Source

Unreal Issue Tracker uses the following open source libraries:


Check the Releases page to download the binary version of Unreal Issue Tracker.



Free Software, Hell Yeah!